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    Flap Rudders are intended to generate More Force than a similar sized single panel rudder. More force implies greater stress loading. For this reason they should be engineered to be More Robust throughout their systems. Since the boat does not get harder to steer, this stronger machinery is usually standing in reserve to act when called upon for extreme maneuvers.

    At Deflector Marine Rudder (DMR), we often recommend double-keyed shanks or a standard square facet grip. Spherical rod ends and tiller stops are necessary features. We build for continuous use.

    We typically design to a 90-degree arc for our DEFLECTOR MARINE RUDDERS. This means 45 degrees each side of center. As compared to the typical 70-degrees commonly used in the marine industry today. With our flap-foil design, this represents a huge improvement in steering performance.

    Because the DEFLECTOR MARINE RUDDER’S flap articulation exceeds the main panel & tiller as it swings, these rudders act more quickly. Accounting for this and the greater swinging arc of the flap, the apparent effort and feel at the helm is similar. Near equivalent turning power per turn but more travel is available so you can keep turning it well past equivalence. We recommend a fast moving rudder as it is best for holding course in adverse conditions, and compliments autopilots better.

    With the power of the flap bearing on the rudder’s back edge it is appropriate to provide a greater proportion of balance blade to a theoretical best, DEFLECTOR MARINE RUDDER.

    Many vessels assume an angle of attack at cruise. (nearly all planing boats) Should this be the case, we recommend that the rudder post be squared with the running attitude rather than the at rest waterline.

    It is our goal by conferring with you on your needs to provide simple, quality, easily installed machinery. Feel free to inquire for your particular needs.

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Flap rudders, high lift flap rudders are an articulating hinged rudder that perform at twice the level of a conventional rudder.
No other entity in this hemisphere has built the quantity and variety of High-Lift Flap Rudders as Deflector Marine Rudders
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